A Little Interior Design/Decorating

Sorry, folks! It’s been a bit of time that has passed since the last update. The Big House is on hold for the moment while we work on The Lake House. See, we’re expecting a little bundle of joy, so Nick needs to get the house in a state other than construction! It’s moving a long, but we have a hard stop of September. That means no multi-tasking on two different houses!

I’m pretty much in charge of the second floor. I’ve been working on the baby’s room a lot and neglecting our room. But much has happened in our room in the last week or so! I have drapes on electric rods (like our old condo in the city), and I now have furniture! I’m so excited that I have somewhere to put my clothes other than the floor of another bedroom. But we couldn’t just buy any furniture and put it in our room. We had to customize!!!

Gray is all the rage right now, and I’m caught up in it! Our room is going to be varying shades of gray – walls, bed, furniture…It could look really drab, but it’s actually looking pretty chic. I do need to paint the all walls and do any treatments to them that I’m thinking about. Until then I’ll share my latest project.

I decided I wanted gray dressers. I also wanted one of them to be ombré. We do it to our hair…why not a dresser?! I also wanted matching furniture. I wasn’t about to go source a bunch of antique stuff to paint when I was looking for something more modern. Enter Ikea. Seriously. Most of the stuff you’d buy from Amazon or Wayfair is all flat-packed and ready for assembly by you anyway. Ikea has their shit together when it comes to self-service furniture. I also wanted to be able to paint each individual board instead of trying to get into crevices of the already assembled furniture.

I had decided on the Hemnes collection because it was pretty clean. I actually had contemplating just getting the black-brown color, but I wanted to see it in person before deciding. While at the store, I went from this


to thishemnes-drawer-chest -white-stainThe black-brown just wasn’t cutting it, so now I needed to paint. We went with the white stain because in all reality it looked like primer. It would be easy  to paint over and cover. I left with 2 of the nightstands (above), a 6-drawer chest, and an 8-drawer chest all waiting for my handiwork. Did I mention that the Hemnes collection was also on sale as part of the Ikea Family program? Bonus!

My plan was to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to change these bad boys, but I decided it would be too much work to mix the ombré colors myself. I’m getting lazy as my pregnancy progresses. What I did use was Rustoleum’s Chalked, which also happened to be on sale at Menard’s. I picked up Aged Gray (lightest), Country Gray (med), and Charcoal (darkest) since they seemed to do all the work for me. I also got the matte protective finish instead of wax since these will be heavily used.

Here are my tools:

Chalk Paint Tools

I decided to be a rebel and spray the chalk paint! I did a little research and found the cheapy spray gun from Harbor Freight is the best one to use for Chalk-type Paint. After some adjustments, it was all ready to go. I also strained the paint just in case there were any globs in there. And that red thingy? OMG – the best $1 I have spent on a paint tool. That thing creates a pour spout on the can of paint. You can also fold down the spout and store the paint can that way. I LOVE IT. Especially for pouring into a spray gun.

Here are some before pictures and a shot of my workspace for this paint fun:


Pay no attention to my neighbor’s mess of cars

white pieces

Night Stand Pieces

Here is a close up of a painted board:



And the finished pieces:

6 drawer dresser

6 drawer dresser




ombre dresser

Ombre 8 Drawer Dresser

More to come on the rest of the room. It’s coming together slowly, but it’s coming together!!


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