Another Project

Nick and I went and bought another house! And yes, it’s also a project. This is becoming habitual…but it was a really good deal, and it’s not that much of a project. Don’t get me wrong there is work that needs to be done. It’s just not to the level of the current project.

Why did we go and get another fixer-upper? We are a little nuts maybe? There is that, but we also need somewhere to live. You see we are selling the condo we live in and own in downtown Chicago, so we need somewhere to go. The Big House (as I will now start referring to it as) has no walls, plumbing, electrical, heat…I don’t think I can live in those conditions. So we got a cheap house for us to live in now while working on the other house. Let me tell you a little about it!

This house is on the water. The backyard butts up to Squaw Creek which has access to Fox Lake on the Chain O’ Lakes. We even have our own little dock. You can only imagine what that will turn into once the house is done. We don’t expect to touch the outside at any point this year (except for mowing and keeping the mosquitoes under control) until the Big House is completed. Back to this house – there was some sort of sewer backup into it that turned it’s once former glory into the fixer-uppers we love to buy.

The first floor is where we are focusing most of our energy at this point. There is the front hall, office/den, powder room, kitchen, and huge living room. There will some reconfiguration of the first floor to get some of the features we want into the house, but not a total redo. Everything will pretty much stay where it’s located except for the powder room. That will move a bit. Otherwise, it’s walls, flooring, cabinets, appliances, a toilet/vanity, and some lighting. The house is a “put it back together” kind of project, but you know there will be some surprises thrown into it!

The second floor is staying as is for now. The bathrooms need some updating, but they are usable. We are going to paint the walls and throw down some carpet. That’s the extent of the second floor  at this point. Once the Big House is done, we’ll go back and redo the bathrooms on this house. Why kill ourselves with projects?!

We also need a furnace (being installed now) and a new water system as it is on a well. Once we have those two things installed, toilets and bathrooms will be functional again. And I won’t have to trudge to a public restroom somewhere. That’ll be a treat!

This house is also much closer to my work, so I won’t be spending most of my life in the car. Nick drives/travels for work. so he’ll have some minor adjustments to his routes.

I’ll be adding updates here for this house. To see the before pictures, check out the Gallery!

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