Back Yard Clean-up

We worked on the yard a bit back in the spring, but we did not get it to a really good place until recently. We had been randomly cutting and trimming trees throughout the whole summer hoping everything would dry out enough to burn. So we had a “Burn Party”. It was mostly family helping that day, but we got the yard into better shape.

We did not take a recent picture of the yard with all the trimmings before we started burning stuff, but we have this picture to use as a starting point.


Backyard Mess

Just imagine it 5x worse with a conveyer belt sitting in the middle of it. Our poor neighbors were probably cursing us.

After a lot of fire and smoke, we got it to this:


Looking Good!

I just can’t impress on you how much better this looks. I thought we would find dead bodies in the crap that was back there. We still have about a quarter of the yard we still need to cleanup, but it’s not that overwhelming any more.

The plus side is we had some s’mores cooked over the fire.


Controlled Fire

There were times we had quite a large fire, but we had control over it the entire time. It would get big and smoke a lot when we would put a freshly cut branch on it. It would go down once everything was broken down by the fire.


Burning Freshly Cut Wood

Did I ever mention the tractor? You can see it sitting in the picture above. I truly can’t remember if I ever mentioned Nick’s toy. He decided he really really really needed a John Deer tractor with a bucket on it. He bought this so we could use it for all sorts of tasks – grass cutting, hauling, pulling trees, snow removal, etc. To be fair, we have used it a lot. It was heavily utilized at the Demo Party to move the tile and thickset from the pink bathroom. We shoveled all that heavy stuff right into the bucket through the window and dumped it into the dumpster.

I like to call it Nick’s Other Green Convertible. If you know us, you know what the first one is…

Nick’s Other Green Convertible

I have to be honest, I’ve had some fun on this thing. I’ve been around enough heavy machinery that I enjoy playing with it for a bit.

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