Winter has finally come to Chicagoland. I thought we were going to get away with an El Niño winter (mild with little chance of ripe tomatoes), but apparently I was wrong. In the last week, snow and ice have come and temperatures have dropped. That makes for a lot of fun in an unheated house. 

And let me tell you, Nick does not take weather as an excuse not to work. Did I mention he’s a real dictator? So I suit up like I’m going to a Bears game and go to work. 😐 Fleece leggings under jeans, some battery heated socks, 2-3 shirts/sweatshirts, and work boots are my standard uniform. Yup, I said heated electric socks. 

Even though it’s been cold, we have been making progress. I’ve been finishing up demo. And, folks, I’m like 99% done! Can you believe it? I have ripped apart the new addition down to studs. It’s been a long and arduous process, but now I actually feel as if I have accomplished something! It may have been ripping things apart, but that’s an important part of all this. 

In parallel, Nick has been framing out rooms in the original part of the house. Let me tell you – it’s waaaay colder in there! I would say it’s probably a 15-20 degree difference. I try not to spend too much time in that side because I’m usually standing still and freezing my ass off. As long as I’m moving, I’m usually pretty good. More on the framing update to come. 

 Since this house was built like a bunker waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse, it’s not that easy to get the drywall and subsequent plywood down. I am required to utilize a bunch of different tools in order to actually get it all down. There was actually a point where an air chisel was also part of my toolkit. You know, to get the GLUED down drywall off the ceiling. Because apparently when you have utilized 8000 screws on the previous sheets and seemingly run out of them on the last piece, glue is the solution. Personally, I would take some out of the other sheets to get what I needed. But what so I know?!? My workstation consisted of a ladder, a small shovel (more surface area), a crow bar with a flat edge, a large crow bar, a hammer, and a drill (and the air chisel). 

The last amount of demo is on the last room of the addition. We are only ripping down the ceiling in there, so I’m calling it at this point. I know I will live to regret it, but a little ceiling is much better than the whole room! 

My Drywall Removal Workstation


Completely Demoed


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