Even More Demo

Just when you all thought there was nothing more to rip out of the house, we start to focus on the addition. Previously, we did not touch too much of it, so now it’s all coming down. It’s been more difficult to remove everything in this part of house (yes, harder than the plaster and lathe we encountered before) because the majority of the drywall is over plywood. Yup, plywood. Please don’t ask us why because we ask ourselves that. There is no good answer…we have theories, but that’s all.

We have now ripped out the two showers that were in the 2 bathrooms. We’ve also started on the ceramic tile, too. Once I realized the tile would basically pop off with the swing of a sledge hammer, I went to town. I LOVE easy!!

Here is Nick going to town on the fiberglass shower. He ended up breaking it down so it would fit into our garbage can. No joke – we threw a shower out in the garbage.

As you can see, Nick is using a shiny new sledge hammer. He was just showing off using both ends of the tool. Don’t mind me videoing in the mirror!

We will be spending more time at the house again this weekend, so I’ll have better pictures of the actual progress next week.


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