Happy Anniversary

Nick and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary over the weekend. How did we celebrate? Well, the dictator made me shovel insulation.

We I have been creating quite the mess in the house by tearing down plaster board/dry wall covered in plaster/some sort of weird material we’ve never seen on the exterior walls so that we can reframe them and add insulation. I created organized piles of mess while Nick created mess when he decided he wanted to “help.”  We have since decided that we will take down all the walls and replace with drywall. Anyway, we needed to get rid of the mess before the big Demo Party we are having next weekend. So we got a dumpster. It was big. And we filled it.

We’ll be getting out second dumpster for the party so that we can get rid of all that garbage. But until then, let me do a little show and tell with where we are now.


Living Room – Before the Dumpster


Hallway – Before the Dumpster


Hall/Bath/Bedroom – Before the Dumpster


Bath/Bedroom – Before the Dumpster


Kitchen/Dining Room – Before the Dumpster



Den/Kitchen/Dining/Living Room – After the Dumpster

We don’t have a lot of pictures of the after, but if you can tell how clean it looks just paint that image to the rest of the rooms. We are standing at the end of the original house and can see all the way to the other side of the house. We got a lot done!

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