Holy Mackerel!!

On Saturday we had our Real Estate Agent Philip DeFrancesco owner of Dapper Crown Real Estate come over for a tour of the place. Philip is a great guy, so if you are looking for a Real Estate Agent, give him a call. He also has a lot of “Holy….” sayings. I was cracking up by his reaction and outbursts by the end of the tour.

Philip mentioned that he drives by all the time and wonders if anything is happening at the house. When he walked in I think we heard, “Holy Cannoli!” It might look like nothing is happening on the outside, but we are moving along on the inside. We explained to him the floor plan that we are drawing, showed him all the supplies we’ve already stockpiled, stories about the supplies we’ve stockpiled, and we talked a little business. Since we are so in the weeds, we don’t realize the transformation that has happened already. It was fun to show someone who saw it from the beginning and hasn’t seen it in a while.
Once Philip left, we started to really look into the one bathroom in the house. The plumbing is all going, so we need to get to the pipes to see what exactly Dr. Seuss did. I think I’ve mentioned the plywood under the drywall (shake my head), so that’s what had to come down.


The Plywood Under the Drywall


It involved a drill, a sledge hammer, the demolition hammer, and Nick acting like a crazy person…again. Wait?! Did I say demolition hammer? Why I sure did…you see, Dr. Seuss in all his construction wisdom seemed to have framed before he poured concrete. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but that just sounds wrong. So, Nick (I was going to say we, but who am I kidding – I can barely lift the damn thing) took the demolition hammer to break up the concrete that was holding the plywood hostage. Then he pulled on it. A lot. And with a lot of, we’ll say, vigor.

It finally came loose and we were able to get into the wall to see the (leaking) pipes. It was a lot of work to just get the wall down. I’d almost take another pink bathroom over all this. Almost.


Broken up concrete that was poured after framing


Plumbing behind the Throne


One of my favorite things we found in the wall by the shower is this light focused on a [leaking] pipe. I was so confused why it was there, so Nick informed me it was to keep the pipe from freezing. Creative – I’ll giver hem that. Not to code, but creative.


Light Keeps the Pipes from Freezing


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