House Shopping

Nick and I saw two different disasters of a house today. Our agent is Philip DeFrancesco, and this guy has no idea what he’s in for with us as his clients! We basically sent him the two addresses based on descriptions and pictures within We are looking for potential. Well…Nick is looking for potential; I’m just along for the ride. I trust him completely on these types of things, so if there is a house that he thinks can be more than what it is today I’m cool with that. Ask me again when we are in the middle of this and see if I still agree!

The first house we went to see was an old empty farmhouse. This place was really big and had a lot of original wood. It also had a bathroom that looked like a murder took place in the old claw foot tub. You just can’t unsee that. The property is a subdivide from a much larger piece of land with a lot of other houses on it. When we actually figured out what pieces were part of this farmhouse, we decided we weren’t really that interested. The murder tub wasn’t even a consideration for not being interested.

The second place was actually where the lightbulb turned on for Nick. This house is an old ranch that was originally built in 1940. It also has an addition added to it that was put on circa 1998. The addition is a large 3 car garage with a large open area above it. There is a breeze-way that connects the two portions of the house. The original garage is enclosed within the breezeway. When I turned the corner and saw it, I thought to myself, “That actually makes sense. Where did I think the old garage would have gone? But there is an overhead door inside the house. Sigh.”

This house has some issues that were noted in the real estate listing – roof needs to be replaced and a sewer issue. The roof on the older portion was apparent that it was past its end of life and needs to be replaced. We are still not sure what the sewer issue is. I can’t wait to figure that one out.

The house was actually quite large. There are some other things we saw right away that needs to be dealt with in addition to updating, but after the two major items are done it could be quite livable for a while. It won’t be our downtown Chicago condo livable (I’m super spoiled), but livable. Nick really wants this house.

So, there you have it folks – we look at two places and find our dream frankenhouse. We will try to get in the house one more time before we go ahead and make an offer. The sellers were home and basically gave us a tour of the place. It was difficult to really look at the structure, so we’ll need to do that before we go feet first into this.

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