I built a wall

Seriously. I built a wall. I also opened up a wall for a doorway. I’m kind of proud of my accomplishments because I have never even attempted to build a wall before. It’s not huge, mind you, but it is a wall. Nick builds whole rooms…I think he’s trying to clone himself, and I’m the sacrifice that will house his clone. Yeah, I can’t wait until these walls have drywall, and I’m the one that gets to paint them because he hates painting. I also hate painting, but that’s a different story for another day. 

Back to this wall. So, the original house had a doorway from the living room to a hallway. The hallway took you to the bedrooms and bathroom. Yup, that’s the wall I built – good bye doorway. We said goodbye to the hall a long time ago, so there is no need for the opening. We will have direct access to the rooms from the living room/dining room (you know the big room that looked like a bowling alley would fit into it). That’s part of the wall I took down – to make a direct access door. 

Added Wall

You can still see my sledge hammer hanging out right in the center of the picture. I gently eased the studs out so they can be reused on another part of the house. Of course, if you know anything about constructing a house, this door is not complete. That’s advanced construction, and I’m on Construction 101. I just do the manual labor to get it to a point Nick can teach/do it himself. But I did save the Jack Studs, Header, and Cripple Studs from the door I closed up to be used on this door. No need to cut new wood and have more waste when the pieces are
already to go. Work smarter not harder!

Added Door


Did you see what I did there? I used the correct terminology. I sounded like I know what the hell I’m doing…

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