Large Order from Menards Delivered

The day of the “Burn Party” we also had a large order from Menards delivered. This is a lot of lumber (and other supplies) that is going to be used to change out joists, do the framing that needs to be done to fix the roof, and start getting Frankenhouse to look not so….Frankenhouse. When I say lumber, I mean up to 32′ of lumber, not small bundles of 2x4s. Delivery was required. The poor pickup would not be able to handle this stuff.

So, the delivery came on a semi. Yup, a semi. The delivery guy was AWESOME! We were told there is a forklift on the truck, so he’ll just unload the truck for us. We didn’t see a forklift, but then we realized Menards has a fleet of Transformer trucks that just morph into these cool forklift trucks. It takes some skills to do what this guy did. All in all, it took less than 10 minutes for him to get it all off the truck and safely in the garage and on the driveway.

Below are videos of him unloading the truck. It’s in 2 parts because I ran out of space on my iPhone, so we had to get Nick to video the rest.

Prepare to be impressed!



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