Let’s talk tools

Over at the new house we decided paint and carpet for the upstairs at this time. That will get us pretty far for the time being. That being said, I needed to get all the old pad up from the previous carpet that had been hauled out by a restoration crew. I didn’t need to get up the staples. Just the pad. There is a problem with that… The pad was packed very tightly under the staples. So, I just decided to take the staples up too.

My favorite tool made it so much easier! This is my industrial staple remover, and IT’S THE BEST THING EVER!

No more wrestling with a pliers to get the staples pulled. I had to use a pliers every once in a while for those stubborn staples, but far less than otherwise. So less pain on my delicate flower hands/fingers because I was using a lot less grip and force. This little guy has been used since the house in Plainfield. Nick thought I was nuts when I bought it, but even my mother-in-law says it’s the best thing ever. And for $8, it’s worth the money!

I was able to pull all the staples out of the second floor in a few hours. Sure it was tedious and boring, but now it’s done! Here is a before and after of the stairs. This literally took me no more than 20 minutes to do the whole flight of stairs. Amazing!




After – a bit blurry


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