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We have a demo party scheduled for the weekend of June 6 & 7, so we plan on gutting this thing fairly quickly. If you were not invited through Facebook, please feel free to come on over. In the meantime, we started taking down walls in the house. Actually, I started it. Nick kind of came in and took over… Story of my life!

Anyway, I started in the living room/dining room. We aren’t 100% sure of which interior walls we want to take down to redo, so I started on exterior walls. We totally want to take those down to re-frame them and insulate, insulate, insulate.

I went from this: 
To this:

To this:

Fairly quickly. I had controlled piles and messes so when the dumpster is dropped we can get rid of the mess easily. We also are really impressed with the materials used in 1959, so we are trying to nicely take off the trim to possibly reuse it. It’s some good thick pine – nothing you would see today. I had a pile for that.

I had a system.

Then Nick happened.

He decided he wanted the wall down between the kitchen and living room/dining room. It took him approx 2 minutes to go from this 

To this 

View of (missing) wall from kitchen

Notice the mess? Ugh! I just stared at him from under my face mask, eye protection and ear muffs. Eyes of Death.

So I am sure you are noticing the top part of the walls are still there. While the rest of the walls were made of some sort of plaster board, the decorative cove around the room was all plaster with metal lathe. Nick tackled that with the air hammer on Sunday. It’s only partially done because it’s a pretty thick area. And we don’t want to damage the ceiling as it’s fine in the living room. The kitchen ceiling is a different story… One for another day.


Top Plaster Removed


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  • Robin

    I love the idea of getting rid of the wall to open up the space!