More Windows and a Water Feature

Nick somehow managed to get another great deal on more windows at the Restore. This somehow was an even batter deal, even with Habby Hour. So, I guess he spun a 15% and then had the 10% from the club (and don’t forget it gets totaled together) so that’s a grand total of 25% off. While he was there, they were putting out new Anderson double casement windows (retail ~$389/each) marked at $55/each. He bought all of them – 13 windows. He also bought one more large double hung window that I’m not even going to add into the savings here. Mostly because I have no idea what he paid for it…

Anyway, the total for all the windows came out to somewhere around $550. These windows retail for close to $5057 without tax! We basically paid 10% of Retail. Love that!

But then we had to get them home. Nick had called his dad and asked him to meet us at the Restore to take the windows back to our house. When he got there, Nick’s mom and brother were also in tow. His mom thought she would just ride in our car back to the house, but it was packed to the gills with stuff already. Sorry!

Nick’s brother is also working on a house, so he found a light fixture and some trim he wanted to buy…I guess no one realized how many windows Nick actually bought. That poor truck!

Nick is all about safety as he secured everything on the truck (sarcasm). We are hug fans of ratchet straps. Not only  did we use all the ones that are carried in the truck, but we pulled out the ones we keep in the car. They really are useful in this kind of application..

Nick securing the light fixture


Danny is happy


action shot

Nick’s mom was freaking out a bit on the way to the house. She was afraid something was going to come off the truck, but it didn’t. Everything stayed right where it needed to be!

So what is this water feature business? Well, we opened the ceiling in the kitchen when the cabinets came down. It wasn’t intentional, but it happened. And not the whole ceiling, just a small part of it. This part is however right where the roof it leaking. We put a garbage can under it, but there was still water going everywhere. To try to contain where the water went, we attached a tarp to the ceiling to catch all the water and drain it into the bucket. It actually works really well!!

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