Moving forward…

July and now August are going to be slow work months for us. We have birthday parties, weddings, bachelor parties, and work trips getting in the way with forward progress. Nick thinks we are always moving backwards by taking things apart, but I count it as moving forward. It has to be taken apart before it can be put back together they way we want it. 

I finally finished removing all the studs from the hall closets, bathroom, and donated closet that will be the new bathroom. Even though we had framing around the general area, it all needs to be removed to accommodate some new design elements. At this point there are a few ceiling studs that I’m not going to be able to get down, the tub, and the chimney that needs to be removed. I say check it off my list and hand it over to Nick. 


Viewn from old master bedroom


View from second bedroom


Studs pulled from bathroom

Meanwhile, Nick’s brother Danny was working on tearing down walls in the new part of the house. Calling this task a challenge would be an understatement. Almost all the walls were drywall on plywood. I have no idea the reasoning behind this, but the sheer number of screws and nails alone have made it more than difficult. Danny managed to get most of the hallway down, so he’s a Rockstar! 

New part – open hallway

Nickwas working on a change to some masonry work for a window. He took out the original kitchen window and started work to brick up a portion of it. 


Closing up a window


We are all about safety here (don’t do this at home!)


Inside view of window hole

In other news, we bought some tile for the bathroom. We found this limestone tile for $3/tile at the Lake County ReStore. We bought 100 16×16 squares for $300. We found something similar at $11.50/sq. ft! Now we just need to figure out what is going to be done with the walls. 


Tag found on tile


Closeup of Tile


100 Tiles


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