Plans, Plans, Plans (and it’s all about me)

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! Nick and I did not take a break and continued to work on the house. We are working on the new floor plan! So there are not a lot of progress pictures, but I do have one that is very important. I took a picture of it since it’s written in pencil and can be erased at any moment:


 I think that says it all…

While we were working on the plans we had some discussions about some seemingly frivolous items being added to the house, but we (maybe me only?) deem them necessary. I told Nick, “We are doing it this way  [sacrificing, working hard, etc.] so we can add those items we really want no matter if they seem frivolous to others or not.”  We are building our dream house.

Tell me what frivolous items you would love in your house in the comments! I need more ideas (lol)!

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