Scratch B Gone

As I mentioned in my previous post, we’ve been working on cleaning up the condo before we pull the trigger on selling it. We have A LOT of stainless in the condo – penny tile, stair banisters, appliances, and an apron farmhouse sink. It’s a loft, so the Industrial look really works with the exposed ductwork and brick walls. What’s the worst part about stainless? The scratches, of course. (I’d even go so far as to say the finger prints are a very close second)

Our apron sink is huge and great, but it’s taken a beating! The top has a ton of gouges and scratches that make it look more than lived-in – beat up is probably closer.   

Stainless Steal Sink -Before

See – it looks like poop. Not a cool kids, “I live in a proper loft” pretty. But it sure was when it was installed all those years ago!

Enter Scratch-B-Gone! 

Full disclosure: I had never heard about this kit until Nick bought a ton (and I mean a ton) of them for resale. He’s been selling them with great reviews from people, but we are just now getting around to trying it for ourselves. 

The kit comes with a bunch of fun abrasive things to take your anger out on your appliances buff out the scratches on your appliances. First, you have to test your stainless to make sure it isn’t coated with a finish product. You do this by using the white pad in the kit. Just rub it on the item in question and if it turns black, you are good to go. 


Black = Good

Next you are supposed to evaluate the scratches you want to remove. There are several levels of abrasive pads you can choose from to remove the scratches. I started out on the light end and quickly realized I needed the heavy duty sand paper that was intended for the deepest scratches. I think it’s partially that sinks are a much harder stainless than most appliances. 

Sanding the Scratches

The instructions then tell you to use the lightest buff pad with the special solution to even it all out. I took the woodworker’s thought process and stepped it down gradually. I used the next lower buff pad and continued to the lowest to blend it all in. Guess what – it turned out great! I was really impressed with the finished product. 

Scratches-R-Gone (After)

Don’t get me wrong, it takes some elbow grease, but the sink looks practically new now. Pay no attention to the bowl! 

I also got some really depp scratches out of the refrigerator, too. That took less work, but looks just as great. 

**this only works on brushed stainless. It will mare polished stainless. 

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