Shopping Spree

I’m writing this post from the beach at Martha’s Vineyard. Nick is at home holding down the fort (um, what’s left of it after all that demo) and taking care of the pugs while I’m off to exotic places for a Bachelorette Party. Don’t think because I’m not there house stuff has come to a halt! While I will bitch up a storm if things don’t move quickly, Nick is the driving force behind this operation. It’s more than likely when he’s out of town that I will NOT get as much done as him…if anything.

Anyway, while I’ve been away, Nick has been in sort of a shopping spree. I’ve been receiving texts/pictures of what he’s been buying. And there are some awesome deals. Shall we play show and tell?

First purchase – Brazillian Cherry frosted interior doors. These are solid doors that Nick for for $45/each, and he bought 6 doors. He looked up all the info on these and they average $1500-1800/each. If we go on the high end, that’s ~$11k retail in doors for $280 total.


Second purchase – a Kohler Purist Line vanity sink and vanity. The sink alone is $847.40 retail. Nick got this whole thing for $320.

Location: DuPage Restore

Then I started getting frantic texts while taking the bus from Boston to the MV Ferry about some cabinets. I was texting back, my phone wasn’t working – it was a whole thing. Luckily, I was able to use a friend’s phone to call Nick and let him know to buy ’em! These cabinets set him back $3000 for approx 32 brand new cabinets, the decorative panels, and a bunch of granite slabs (for the bathrooms). Nick found a label on the back of one of the cabinets that tells us all sorts of info – manufacturer, store, etc. These are made (and current model still available on the website) by Downsview Kitchens and sold through NuHouse in the Chicagoland area. NuHouse is only in the Merchandise Mart at this time, so we estimate the cabinets come in at somewhere around $30-50K in retail value!





He also bought some new windows (omg – more windows) for the house and a French door for the back of the house. I don’t have costs or pictures of those things, but it seems like it was an expensive week for him. I’ll just sit back and have another cider while he continues to hold down the fort!

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