The Demise of the Kitchen

Kitchen-1Here I am like a hunter with her kill – the upper kitchen cabinets! My tools of choice are a hammer and crow bar. I also used a screwdriver…Yes, I used manual force!

This weekend I ripped apart the old kitchen. I removed all the old cabinets and underlayment that was under the vinyl tile that was there when we closed on the house. Nick has decided that he wants to keep the lower cabinets for his workshop to keep tools. I think he’s planning on getting some cheap counter top to put on there. The rest will be going to the garbage pile.

While I did most of this myself, I did need some Nick brute force for a few things. This Delicate Flower (I refer to myself this way) just did not have the power to rip some of this apart with her bare (gloved) hands. I wish I would have gotten a video of the first half of the counter he ripped out. It was much more violent!

Here are the before & afters:

Before - Kitchen

Before – Kitchen

Kitchen - After

Kitchen – After


Kitchen - Before

Kitchen – Before

Kitchen - After

Kitchen – After

That big cabinet in the middle of the shot is being modified to become smaller since we ripped part of it into useless when taking everything apart. It’s off the wall and sitting in the middle of the kitchen until it can be finished being modified (the right side looking at it is done). Then it will move to the original garage as a staging area.

Since I also ripped out the underlayment, I had tons of staples sticking out of the floor boards. I tried pulling a couple out, but I think they were so old they just broke off. Instead I played wack-a-mole on the floor with my hammer. My right side is feeling it this morning…

Once I can get to the pipes, I’ll be cutting those apart to remove all the galvanized pipe to make way for copper. I’m sure I’ll need a nose plug because the water that came out of the pvc under the sink was rank!

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