The Real Inspection

Nick really should be doing this update since he was actually at the inspection, but I’m the mastermind behind this whole blog so I get to have the honors.

So we are really buying a piece of work. I knew this thing was bad, but I guess I never really thought about how bad it really is until I saw the report. This is going to be a long one with lots of pictures – you have been warned!

We called Mike Merino of Merino’s Home Inspection & Education. Mike was used by a buyer of another property we sold, and he did a very thorough job. Our goal, since we are not closing until the end of February, is to create a list of items that we know are an issue now. When we do our walk-through before the closing we can make sure nothing new is broken or a new issue has popped up on us. Mike got that pulled together for us.


 Roof is at end of life with damaged, deteriorated, missing and worn shingles.


Amanda’s Note: We already knew this was an issue, but wanted to show everyone a close-up of the state of the shingles. Interesting fact, the next door neighbor looks to own a roofing company. Wouldn’t you think someone could have cut a deal on this?!

Damaged ridge vent present.

roof vents

  • Missing sections of gutter & rake flashing.
  • Chimney has been extended with a poured cement chimney. The brick may not be able to support the
    additional weight & is tall enough to require bracing. Tall chimneys need to be secured and braced to
    keep it from moving or falling in high winds.
  • Detached & damaged gutters & downspouts present. 
  • Attic space(s) do not have an adequate amount of insulation.


  • Foundation wall crack(s) present with evidence of moisture infiltration. Consult with a qualified water
    proofing contractor about your repair options. Location(s): east & west
  • Efflorescence is present at the brick above the foundation indicating water intrusion/seepage.


image-008 image-009 image-010 image-011


  • Rusted support posts at the basement indicate water intrusion into the basement or rising damp at the post. Rising damp is water absorbing into a structure from water pressure.

Rusty Pole

Structure – Roof/Attic

  • Water marks seen on some of the rafters and roof decking indicating a current or previous roof leak.
  • Damaged roof decking should be replaced to maintain structural integrity.
  • No knee walls present at addition roof. Knee walls may be needed for structural integrity.

image-013 image-014image-015 image-016



  • Wall penetrations for utilities and services need to be sealed from water intrusion.
  • Detached siding present. This can allow water to penetrate into the wall.
  • Vinyl siding has buckling at the north side. This is usually caused by the siding being nailed too tightly, which does not allow for expansion and contraction. Repair to avoid water infiltration.
  • Improper installation of J-channel is present. Repair to avoid water infiltration.
  • Deteriorated/cracked mortar joints in some areas of the exterior. These should be repaired (caulked or tuckpointed) to avoid water infiltration.

image-018 image-019 image-020 image-021 image-022


  •  Ledger board is not secured to the house with the required bolts. This is a safety issue and has been known to cause balconies to pull away from the structure & collapse.
  • Spliced & bolted lumber is improper for support.
  • Missing post at east side of balcony should be installed for structural integrity.
  • Balcony is unsafe and should be removed or rebuilt.

image-023 image-024


Amanda’s Note: We don’t want to have a Chicago Porch incident here. Looks like no one is going to be allowed on that porch until something is done to it.



  • Lot grading should be configured in a manner that it directs water away from the foundation.





  • Water stains, damage & active leaks present at ceilings from plumbing & roof leaks. Addition bathroom shower is leaking at the wall & ceiling. Repair the leaks.

image-028 image-029 image-030 image-031



  • Obstructed Toilet
  • Replace the shower surround.
  • Shower head/arm leak(s) present. Repair/Replace the shower head/arm.

Amanda’s Note: Yes, that is a pink bathroom. That is actually the original bathroom to the ranch house, but after some fixing will probably be the most usable of the bathrooms. See rusty pictures below.

image-034 image-035 image-036


  • Live exposed conductors present. Repair to avoid a shock and fire hazard. Location(s): basement & garage
  • 8 or 10 gauge conductor(s) connected to the 50 amp breaker(s). 50 amp breakers should have a 6 gauge conductor. An undersized conductor can be a fire hazard.
  • Conductors are inserted into a receptacle on the basement. This is a fire & safety hazard.

Amanda’s Note: This looks to be how things were hooked up at this house. Scary since that is REALLY not safe. To be fair, the electrical system itself has been upgraded, so that’s a nice surprise.

image-043 image-044



  • Braided supply lines used as permanent piping is improper. Install copper pipe.
  • Corrosion present at galvanized supply pipes indicating deterioration & leaking. Replace with copper pipe.
  • Tape repairs present at the well supply pipes. Proper repairs should be made to avoid leaks.
  •  Debris present in garage floor drains. Clear drains for proper operation.
  • Tape repair present at sewer is not a proper repair. Proper repairs should be made to avoid leaks.

image-054 image-055 image-056 image-057 image-063


Amanda’s Note: We already knew there was an issue with the original sewer. We don’t know exactly what the issues are, but there is another sewer pipe that goes out of the house that we can utilize to fix some of the drainage issues.

Water Treatment

  • Water appears to have a high iron content as evidenced by the presence of rust at some fixtures. Consider installing an iron reduction system.
  • Water treatment system is in poor condition. Install a new system.


So what does all this mean? It means we have a lot of work ahead of ourselves. We will be fixing the roof, sewer problems, and water treatment all before we ever move in. I’m not sure how the current owners even wash clothes with the water as bad as it is!

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