Throw Back Thursday: “Thank You for Taking Him Away from Us”

Nick and I were reminiscing the other day about when we were renovating the house I used to own in Plainfield. There is one day in particular that stands out in my mind. In fact, I’m shocked that we still ended up married after this incident. 

Nick did not like the way I painted the upstairs hallway, so he instructed (told) me to do it again. It needed to be done more in line with his expectations. So, I re-painted the walls and ceiling in the upstairs hallway taking his constructive criticism into account. Well, I did not complete the task in accordance to Nick’s  expectations. 

Yay me! So, I suffered the rath. He yelled at me, and while I can’t remember exactly what he said, it was enough to enduce tears. It also made me want to leave the house for awhile to cool off. You know, so I didn’t say something I would regret like calling off the wedding. As I was trying to make my escape to Home Depot (I figured it was a safe place to flee to), Nick stopped me by telling me we needed nothing from Home Depot and to get back to work. needed something from Home Depot – my space. 

Nick’s parents and brother happened to be there helping us that day and witnessed the entire exchange. When I retreated to the upper level of the house his mother hugged me while saying, “Thank you for taking him away from us!”

Yeah, that totally made me feel better about the situation and marrying this asshole guy. Then his brother said, “Don’t worry, Amanda, we’ve all been there.” Well, F- me. 

I’m actually not sure the point of reminding ourselves about this day other than trying to give Nick a guilt trip. Those of you who know him know that’s not gonna happen. So, maybe I just like to give him a hard time. Just so he might feel bad about it. Please don’t tell me it’s not going to work…

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