Under Contract & Inspection

So, we have not officially purchased Frankie (I thought it needed a nickname) just yet. We just went Under Contract on the evening of November 14, 2014. There was some negotiating about price, closing, and all that fun stuff. I don’t want to reveal too much of that info now since we are pretty much 2 days into this thing. The one thing I will mention is that we are not closing until the end of Feb 2015. We are giving the owners a bit more time in the house, and honestly, we don’t want to be dealing with this thing or moving in the dead of winter. This is Chicagoland after all where we are know to have Artic Vortexes and Snomageddon. These are real things people!

Today Nick is going to the house for the inspection. We know there are issues with it. Seriously. So why the inspection? Well, we want to really get a good idea of what we would need to do just to be able to live in the house for a bit before we get all the plans, permits, and work underway. There is also that pesky bank requirement that we get an inspection. They do want to know about their investment, too. The third and final reason we are dong an inspection is that since we are closing so far from now, it’s a good checklist to make sure there is nothing else wrong with it when we finally do close. It quite a reasonable expectation that if the floor is there today, it’s still going to be there in February, right?

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