We got a bit more destructive

The paneling is down on one wall. The cabinets in the kitchen are down. What can we break next? 

We started really ripping the kitchen apart!! Nick wants to get all the galvanized pipe out if the house. To do that, some walls will need to sacrificed. Actually, at some point most of the walls will be sacrificed for one reason or another. So he started ripping the back wall down in the kitchen. 

We were surprised to find plaster on top of drywall. We expected to find plaster and lathe. How excited are we that it’s not?! Pretty damn excited. So he got to do the fun part while I watched. And then the ceiling came down! 

The wood is so wet that once the vibrations started, the soffit couldn’t handle it. It just collapsed on itself. Here is the mess Nick created.  

King of the Garbage

 He’s like a goat on top of his mountain of garbage. Guess what I got to do. No guess. I got to clean this mess up! I’m such a lucky girl!!

Here is what it looked like when I got done with it:


Kitchen Destruction

I also finished ripping up the underlayment that was still there and hammered in the staples. Then I wanted to get to rip stuff apart so I attacked the carpet in the new part of the house. 



And Done!

On a side note. Does anyone else see the weird things in the last picture? Orbs or dust? Let me know what you think in the comments.   

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