“Why” is a word we ask a lot at the house. We have been working on more demo (yes, it’s still happening) Why? (See there it is!) I have to be honest – I don’t know. We ask ourselves that all the time.

What I can tell you is that we have made A LOT of progress. I’d say we are about 90% done with the demo that needs to happen. We are at a point where some framing and actual progress can happen while the rest if the demo is happening. But, Amanda, why do you ask “why?” so much?

Oh, I’ll tell you…

See the new part of the house has been the biggest bitch (sorry – no better word for it) to take down. Seriously. What we found is that there is plywood under almost every wall. Do you know what it’s like to have a sledgehammer bounce off a wall? I do. And it doesn’t feel great either. Each wall has been a mystery when we start to take it down. How many layer of drywall and plaster might there be? Will there be some strange something in there when we finally open it up? And lastly, why was it built this way?! WHHHHHHHY?


Plywood Behind Drywall


Why 20 screws to hold one cabinet?!


Layers even on the Ceiling


Fixing a pipe leak


As you can see from the pictures, there are a lot of “Why?!” moments. There were walls were we  had to battle plaster, drywall, plaster, drywall, plaster, drywall, and then plywood. I shit you not. These pictures are mostly depicting one layer of plaster and drywall, so they weren’t so bad in that respect. Where is was a challenge was where screws were over used. Like they were over used on the ceiling (see below).


Just a Couple Extra Screws

But we managed to get then all down!

Walls Are Down!

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